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Let us manage, monitor and motivate you on the path to your health, fitness and wellness goals

Are you feeling a little lost with your training? In need of someone with expertise to formulate a plan of action and help you increase the intensity and effectiveness of your training sessions? Or are you keen for that extra helping hand to ensure that you are performing your exercise in the safest and most efficient way?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of those questions, then we believe that an AIS Personal Trainer is the first place you should look!

Our Trainers are committed to assisting you in the process of setting and achieving goals and guiding you through all of the steps required in between.

Our friendly and qualified instructors offer 30 or 60 minute sessions indoors and outdoors. Sessions can be purchased individually or in blocks of five or ten.

Regardless of your goal or required outcome, our team of experienced and knowledgeable Trainers can provide you with a tailored solution.

Personal training

Hear from our trainers and customers

Experience for yourself the variety that our Trainers can build into your routine keeping you motivated and focused, and looking forward to every session! After all, exercise should be effective, safe and fun – we tick each of those boxes.

Personal Training Fees

Admission Activity
Personal Training - 1 hour session
Personal Training - 1/2 hour session
Personal Training - 10 x 1 hour sessions
Personal Training - 10 x 1/2 hour sessions
Personal Training - 5 x 1 hour sessions
Personal Training - 5 x 1/2 hour sessions

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