Storm Warning 10

  • Sun 29 January 2017 10:00 AM | AIS Combat Centre

Multiple Style Martial Arts Competition Day


THIS IS A FUN DAY - Where people can try their hand at several different martial arts fighting styles.

Competitors who are overly aggressive or display signs of poor sportsmanship will be reprimanded.

This event is being run & tailored toward the Novice competitor to gain some experience.

Competitors are encouraged to pre-register online (up to the week prior), however competitors are welcome to enter on the day at 9am.

On day registrations & weigh ins are at 9am, with the competition starting a little before 10am.

Medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd will be awarded for each weight class, style & divisions on the day.

The Modified MMA/Combat Grappling will be conducted on a 8 x 8 metre open mats.

The BJJ/No Gi will be conducted on a 8 x 8 metre open mats.

Gain some experience in a fun day alongside local & interstate guys & gals.

The rules for this MOD MMA competition are very simple & designed to allow competitors to be able to have some fun & test their skills whilst limiting the chances of sustaining any major damage.

Typically 99% of competitors on the day will be able to have several fights, without taking any real damage, due to the padding, rules & the layout of this modified MMA competition.

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