Swim School Water Safety

1 June 2018 By AIS Swim School

Reducing the number of Australian drownings and educating the community on how to be safer in and around water is at the heart of what we do.

All our Swim School levels have components of water safety incorporated into them from the most basic, (safe entries/exits, floating/recovering) to the most advanced (survival backstroke and rescues). The progression of water safety skills taught in our Swim School program increases as children move through the levels with specific competencies for each level. 

For example, one of our goals is that when children graduate our pre-school program, they can demonstrate the following water safety skills:

  1. Safe entries and exits 
  2. Jump in and swim back to the wall (crocodile jumps) 
  3. Float unassisted and recover 
  4. Hold onto the edge and move along the wall (monkeying on the wall)

While there is no replacement for adult supervision and no way to make a child or anyone 100% ‘water safe’, these core skills are the foundation for safer swimming and should be taught from an early age (we recommend from 12 months old). We also encourage that they are practiced outside of lessons during recreational swimming as this will help to ‘hard wire’ the skills and teach children that water safe practices should be used every time they swim, not just during lessons.

Why not test your knowledge at the National Water Safety Online Quiz.

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